Your super-powered, generative AI Legal Assistant.

Leah's a new kind of legal copilot, brought to you by the AI experts at ContractPodAi to help solve complex legal challenges for law firms, consulting firms, ALSPs, and corporations around the world.

Leah is leading the legal digital revolution through Generative AI with GPT-4 and beyond.

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Leah Extract

Extract essential legal data from any legal documentation with only three clicks with a pre-built extraction library or customized model for various legal transactions.

Leah drafts

Leah Draft

Instantly draft a variety of legal documentation including contracts, regulatory update notes, legal memos, case summaries, and presentations with simple one-line prompts.

Leah review

Leah Review

Get executive summaries, deviation reports, risk analysis, and remediation reports from complex queries across transactions, M&A, litigations, contracts, compliance, policy, and regulatory paperwork.  

Leah extract
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Leah is designed for legal. She helps review and draft all your legal documents and is a perfect match for law firms and legal teams who want to leverage the power of AI.

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Legal Transactions

Regulatory, Governance

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